Sam Lumpini Gym is a unique place to train and learn self-defense, martial arts and combat sports in a safe and friendly environment.

The Lumpini Fighting System was developed after many years of intense training and stress-testing concepts/techniques from a variety of fighting arts such as B.F.Savate Boxing, Krav Maga, MMA, and Muay Thai. The main goal of this system is to prepare the practitioner mentally and physically for any situation regardless of it being in the ring, cage or the street.

The LFS Gym is ideal for people who are willing to train hard and train smart. Through experience and proven training methods, individuals can learn one of the most effective combat systems and develop confidence and self-discipline along the way. The additional benefits of training include, weight loss, stress relief, toning of muscles, improved flexibility and cardiovascular improvement.

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KIds & Teens

Youth ages 5 and older may join in our high energy programs designed to improve cardio, conditioning, balance and discipline. Sam Lumpini brings over 35 years experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. Students make lifelong friends here and some have been training together for decades...

Muay Thai

Thailand's national sport is over 2000 years old and is recognized as the most devastating Kick-Boxing style in the world. Thai-boxing matches are five, three minutes rounds where punching, elbowing, kicking, kneeing, and clinching are used during the competition.

Muay Thai is a very tough and intense sport, making the practitioner both physically and mentally powerful.

Ajarn Sam Lumpini is one of the original trainers to establish the art of Muay Thai in Toronto.

In 2016, the sport of Muay Thai received provisional recognition and will be an event featured in the upcoming Olympic games. Sam Lumpin Gym is a member of Muay Thai Ontario and welcomes students that wish to compete Nationally and Internationally.

B.F. Savate

Boxe Francaise Savate, the national French sport, was born on the docks in Marseille during the early 19th century, and used for street fighting. B.F. Savate is a mixture of boxing and kicking techniques. This art is worldly know as the 'intelligent kick-boxing' requiring the use of strategy and perpetual movement. Punches and kicks are delivered using multiple combinations with a focus on speed and accuracy. B.F. Savate relies heavily on using feints and footwork to set-up attacks, and stresses evasion and counter-striking to disrupt an aggressive opponent. B.F. Savate is a competition sport, where matches usually consist of five, two minute rounds.

The fact that B.F. Savate is a shoe-oriented art, allows for the skill-sets to be easily transferred for self-defense applications as well. 

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One of the oldest Olympic events; Boxing is a regulated competitive stand-up combat sport with limited 3 minute rounds, mandatory gloves, mouth guards and a sense of sportsmanship. There are not many combat sports as powerful in terms of upper - body power. Improve your striking, movement techniques, timing and power.


MMA is known as the most complete combat sport, combining several disciplines such as BJJ, Sambo, Judo, Shooto, Pancrase, Wrestling, and striking arts like B.F.Savate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing and Karate. In MMA competitions, competitors are permitted to strike, wrestle and perform takedowns on their opponents.  

Once the combatants end up on the ground, competitors attempt to submit or ground and pound their opponents to ensure victory.

Mixed Martial Arts is considered the fastest growing combat sport in the world, and since 2011, MMA matches have been sanctioned in Ontario.

krAv maga

This approach to self-defense is an extremely efficient methodology that is geared for the streets, using the best techniques from several combative disciplines and blending them into one unique and effective art. Lumpini Krav Maga is based on realistic scenarios and thus training is focused on sharpening awareness, reaction time and having the mental and physical attributes to adapt to any situation. Striking, ground work, multiple attackers, stress management, weapon retention and combat conditioning are all part of daily training. Lumpini Krav Maga is the #1 self-defense for civilians and Elite Combat Units around the world.


Kickboxing - glory k1

Students that are gearing up to compete in National and International events are placed into advanced training in the number 1 leader in the world for kickboxing learning fight tactics and strategy needed to succeed in their fighting career. 


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