Train hard, Train smart.

A blend of the most powerful striking arts of Muay Thai and Boxe Fran├žaise Savate, fused with the most effective combat sport, Mixed Martial Arts, and real-world, battle-tested self-defense Krav Maga. Obtain a practical, dynamic physical and high energy training methodology that will push your physical and mental attributes to the next level.


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The Gym:

Group Classes

Cater to your style of combat whether from the ground up or stand-up striking. Sam Lumpini gym provides group classes in:
Muay Thai, B.F. Savate, Krav Maga, MMA, and Boxing

If you are just starting out, be free to register for a Trial class.

Private Classes

Train with the coaches 1-on-1, hone your skills for the next tournament - or get the most intense workout of your life.

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Specialized Healthcare

For students that have barriers to training such as previous injuries, poor flexibility, or need to optimize their health for the next event we have a certified Manual Osteopath available to guide you to in your training program.

Seminars & Grading

Lumpini Combat seminars focus on detailed real world tactics and techniques expanding on the Group Classes.

Students are graded in the training seminars that are generally 4 hours in length.

Leave your weakness at home.

Trainer Certification

Sam Lumpini is an international coach with students worldwide. Learn from over 30 years of combat sport and become a part of Team Lumpini.